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Mt. Tilla Baptist Church

Male Choir Ministry

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Male Choir President - Deacon Mark Smith, Jr.
Male Choir Practice every Thurs before 1st Sunday
6:30 p.m. @ Church

If you would like to hear first hand how awesome our Male Choir is then come worship with us every first Sunday of the month.  That's when our Male CHoir worship the spirit in the sationtary.  But by all means don't stop there...come worship with us every Sunday and be Blessed by all of our Awesome Choirs.

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Our Male Choir enjoys singing and every chance they get they are willing to praise God in uplifting voices.  If you would like to know more or see pictures on our Male Choir then just click the link below and check out some of the things that's going on with our male choir.

Click here to see more about our male choir.

Word for the Day:  Before you take matters in your own hand:  Pary, believe, then stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.

Mt. Tilla Baptist Church * 2424 HWY 441 N * Irwinton, GA  * 31042

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