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Mt. Tilla Baptist Church

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Here we will tell the story of the beginnings of our
church and how we became what we are today.

Mt. Tilla Baptist Old Church

The history of the Mt. Tilla Baptist Church has its roots steeped in the traditional organization pattern of most Negro churches that were constituted at the close of the civil war.  Because of ancestors wanted to develop the art of worship service for themselves, they asked permission to withdraw from the slave section of Big Sandy Church.

Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the following brethren: Rev. Ben C. Green, Rev. W. M. Steely, Rev. Thomas Turpses, and Brother Miles C. Canon, this visible church received its grant September 4, 1868.

Rev. Green led the flock for over one year before surrendering its leadership to Negro brethren Rev. Jacob Wright was out first black pastor.

For one hundred thirty-eight years this church has grown from a bush arbor to its present structure under the leadership of 26 shephers, several deacons, and church clerks.  Two of our deacons and four of our laymen were ordained as ministers of the gospel, one in 1965, 1971, Minister Carlos Jones in 2001, Minister Debra Newkirk in 2005, Minister Kenya Carswell in 2006 and Minister Ricky Stanley in 2006.

The first church was a log building, The congregation of Big Sandy on Highway 112 donated this log building and the property on which it stood to our forbears.  Near the close of the century, the edifice in which we worship the Lord so faithfully until February 26, 2006 was erected and was blessed to under go several renovations and some additions.

History records show that many black churches were burned at the turn of the century, but all praise be to God, Mt Tilla was spared from the burning.

The Lord wants no idlers in His church.  For this reason, several auxiliaries have been organized under divine guidance and spiritual leadership.  These auxiliaries are: Senior, Junior, Male and Young Adult Choirs, Senior and Junior Usher Boards, Senior and Junior Missionary Society, Mission-in-Action / Women's Ministry, Young Men & Young Women's Prospectives, Nurses Guild, Hospitality, and Pastor's Aid Ministries.  We have Intercessory Prayer and Bible Study every Wednesday night.  Under great leadership an assistant pastor in the person of Minister Carlos Jones, was added to our flock and was in charge of the Youth Sunday Service and YES Session held on Saturday mornings at the church, after we were blessed to become a full time service church in July 2002 until he was called to shepard his own flock and preached his final sermon as assistant pastor April 9, 2006.

We had a unified vision with united faith to build a new sanctuary.  On June 22, 2005 we had our ground-breaking service.  Our new edifice was complete and we has our ribbon cutting and with unity we walked into our new edifice to woship and praise our Heavenly Father in our first service February 26, 2006 and our edifice was dedicated back to the Lord on April 16, 2006.

Growth is still on the hearts and minds of the Mt. Tilla Church family both spiritually and physically for the services of God and mankind because God has destined her function as a medium of evangelism.

Praise God for His Grace and His Mercy


Mt. Tilla Baptist Church
New Church
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