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Mt. Tilla Baptist Church


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The Church lives as its members give, so it is the duty of each member to share in the financial responsibilities of his/her church on a regular basis.
Mt. Tilla does not assess a certain amount of tithes or offering for its members to give. We feel that such a decision rests with each member and/or family. Read
II Corinthians 9:6-15, with special emphasis on verse seven (7).

Determining the amount to give:

Pray sincerely to God, asking his guidance and direction as to what your financial gift will be. You may chose to give on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis.

Special Note: Your giving is strictly between you and God!

Please remember that even when you are not present, the financial responsibilities of the church go on just as they do in our homes. In the event that you cannot make it to church, please mail in your contribution. The address is:

2424 HWY 441 NORTH



Building Fund Day

The four times per year the membership is asked to make a sacrificial gift to the church beyond what they pledged to give. These funds are used to off-set the deficit created as a result of those who are unable to keep their pledges.

Again, members are encouraged to pray for guidance as they prepare to present this financial gift.

Building Fund Day is usually observed on the same day as Communion.

We thank God for members who are so very faithful in their giving. Because of such people, we are able to meet the financial responsibilities of the church. We believe it is the duty of each member to help support the church financially, therefore, eliminating the need for any and all types of solicitations. This is a Faith Ministry, therefore, your weekly offering is of the utmost importance.

Mt. Tilla Baptist Church * 2424 HWY 441 N * Irwinton, GA  * 31042

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