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Meet the Shepherd & Elect Lady of the House


Meet the Shepherd and Elect Lady of the House. They both are anointed children of God and once you meet them you'll see that they have "A Praise on the Inside."


Pastor Kendrick Lenard Smith


Kendrick Smith was born in Soperton GA in 1971 to Pastor Willie and Carol Smith. He is the second born of six siblings.  Kendrick graduated in 1989, after which he joined the United States Navy.  After serving time in the armed forces, Kendrick began the trade of brick masonry, and currently works as such.  Kendrick is the father of three children, including one stepdaughter.  He married Vivacious in 2003 and currently resides in Dublin GA. Elect Lady Vivacious Smith walks beside and serves as Armour bearer to Pastor Smith. 

Kendrick Smith surrendered his life to God in 1999 and began preaching in 2001; thereafter becoming an ordained minister in January of 2003.  Kendrick began his first pastoral ship in 2004 at Jordan Hill Baptist Church in Soperton serving as Senior Pastor for three years.  In March 2007, Pastor Smith was commissioned by God to become Pastor of Mt. Tilla Baptist Church.

Pastor Smith has a mission from God to win souls for His kingdom, deliver the oppressed and bound, healing of the sick and to edify Christians with the proper tools to further their walk and stay abound on their journey to fulfill their purpose and passion in the body of Christ.  He has a great passion to see the youth involved and excelling in life as well as in the church.  Pastor Smith also has the gift of love, faith and healing in which he loves sharing with others.  He’s always sure to give special thanks and acknowledgement to his best friend, who never leaves him nor forsakes him, who gives him all wisdom, knowledge and understanding, and who reveals all truths unto him.  His name is Jesus Christ!




Elect Lady Vivacious Smith


Elect Lady Vivacious Smith was born on September 21, 1973 in Detroit, MI to Arnell & Sandra Hardee.  She was the second born of three siblings.  Vivacious moved to the state of Georgia in 1991 and graduated from Telfair County High School.  After graduation, she attended Brewton- Parker College in Mt. Vernon, GA where she majored in English and minored in Mass Communications (Journalism).  Vivacious is the mother of three children, including two stepchildren.  She married Kendrick Smith on October 19, 2003 and they currently reside in Dublin, GA.

A personal testimony from Vivacious lets everyone know that God can take a mess and turn it into a diamond.  Before turning her life over to God in 2002, Vivacious experienced a life full of depression, violence and hopelessness.  She survived two suicide attempts and lived through many things no child should have to endure; but yet she made it.  From the outside you’ll never believe what she went through before she finally surrendered to the voice of God.

Because of the many trials she faced in her adolescent years, Vivacious has developed a strong passion for young women (saved and unsaved), that is her ministry.  She has a message of survival and not giving up, but knowing that the songwriter of “Amazing Grace” seemed to have her in mind when writing that song.  As a servant, Vivacious acts as Armour bearer to her husband, being trained under Pastor Shwanada Jones and unctioned by the Holy Spirit for that role.  Vivacious also enjoys teaching marriage enrichment focusing on teaching saved wives how to operate in the anointing of a virtuous woman.  

Please keep the Pastor & Elect Lady in Prayer 

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